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26 March 1989
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Howdy! I'm Timber, a Siberian tiger. Glad to make your acquaintance. =^^= And no, I'm not a wolf.
If I ever stop being lazy, I might draw an avatar closer to me. And I'll make furry art. Maybe.

I work at Best Buy in media. If you're looking for a DVD, a game, or music, I can find it for you. I have experience in Car Electronics too, so I can help you make your car a much more fun vehicle.

Music-- I like a good bit of music. I can stand little bits of almost everything, but I mostly listen to Rock (Hard, Goth, Alternative, Rap), Techno, and even a bit of Gothic Country when I want something different.

Outdoors-- I like being outside. I like to go hiking in the Rockies (need to do it more), and mountain bike whenever I can (which I really need to do). Colorado is VERY biker friendly (They have bike racks on all the public buses, how much friendlier can you get?) Barepaw is my preferred way to be (off of my bike), as shoes just make my paws hurt after a while.

Computers and tech-- I'm a tech geek (Geeks make money, though!). I help a lot of my friends with computer issues, and some think I'm "a genius" with computers. Truthfully, I'm not. I know a lot about computers, and I can do very limited programming. I tend to play around a lot in options and stuff like that, and learn about it. My multimedia rig runs Windows Vista 64-bit. It's an excellent operating system, despite what the Microsoft haters try to tell you. I also use Linux (Ubuntu flavor) on my laptop, so I do have experience with other OSs.

Anything you'd like to know, or just want to talk, my IMing info is up there. And if you wish to friend me, go ahead, I don't mind. I might even friend you back.